front of Ocean5 building
It can be lonely on the road—soon, he found himself with time on his hands in the evenings. Alstead began to work on an idea he had long considered, and it soon took the form of a business plan. Ocean5 and Table 47 were born.
“I have always been inspired by gathering places all around the world, whether it’s the kitchen table at home, a coffee shop, pub, restaurant or sports arena, the places where people socialize, connect and have fun,” Alstead said. “I saw the opportunity to create a very unique social place, like nothing that exists in the state. A venue that would be a fantastic place to work, a great part of the community, and respectful of the environment
and oceans.”
Ocean5 lobby

Opening: Late winter 2018
Space: 57,000 square feet

Ocean5 was designed to be a destination for socializing and fun:

  • A two-story laser challenge arena that can accommodate 40 players.
  • A game room with a wide variety of up to 50 arcade games. An adjoined redemption prize store with a unique assortment of prizes, including many eco-friendly options.
  • Approximately 1,000 seats just for hanging out, including couches, cocktail tables, and soft seating throughout.
  • 12 duckpin bowling lanes: Duckpin bowling is a form of bowling that uses a smaller and lighter weight ball than 10-pin bowling. The ball can be palmed and doesn’t have finger holes. 4-lane suite available for private parties.
  • Ten 10-pin bowling lanes with the option to reserve a 2-lane suite for private parties.
  • Food and drinks are available from the on-site farm-fresh restaurant, Table 47, and can be ordered throughout the Ocean5 property. The adjoined bar and restaurant, Table 47, can be experienced either with our without sharing Ocean5 activities.
  • Private event and party spaces for groups from 5 to over 400 with dedicated event team members to help plan from start to the day of the occasion.
  • Event rooms on the second floor are named after the five great oceans. First-floor bowling suites and gathering spaces are named after local waterways: Harbor Suite (4-lane duckpin), Narrows Suite (2-lane 10-pin), Narrows Suite (2-lane 10-pin), and the Salish Sea Lounge (large open gathering area).

Designed for the environment

Built and operated as one of the most environmentally responsible businesses in the region, Ocean5 shows that you can have fun and have a positive impact on the environment.

  • The building is applying for LEED certification and is expected to save enough energy that could run 36 traditional-sized homes. 90% of the energy saved is due to the geothermal system of 3.6 miles of wells under the parking lot that will heat and cool the whole building. The geothermal heating and cooling system alone will save 175-200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, the equivalent to taking 30 cars off the street.
  • 15% of the expected energy saving is based on the lighting design that utilizes LED lighting. The building was designed to maximize natural light with expansive windows and solar tubes from the roof of the building, minimizing the amount of electricity used on lighting during daylight hours.
  • Recycled and reclaimed materials were used throughout construction, including carpet tiles made of recycled commercial fishing nets, dining tables made of reclaimed wood and alder wood panels sourced within 100 miles of the site.


Ocean5 was created by long-time Gig Harbor resident Troy Alstead, the former Chief Operating Officer of Starbucks. The idea for the concept was inspired by his work abroad where he was exposed to different cultures and found a common theme – communal spaces that encouraged people to connect and share ideas. He built Ocean5 with enough elbow room (57,000 square feet) that people can meet with a friend or host a large group to play games, grab a drink or just hang out. Driven by Troy’s lifelong passion for the ocean, he wanted to create a business that can also be a space to drive awareness of ocean health, inspire people to make small changes that make a positive impact on the environment, and take actions that improve the health of oceans both local and globally.

Ocean5 fire circle hangout lounge
Troy Alstead’s Ocean5 and Table 47 are now open in Gig Harbor
Entrance to Ocean5 restaurant Table47
Gig Harbor’s Ocean5: Because Fun is Something We Don’t Outgrow