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When can I book my party?2019-05-21T17:40:51+00:00
  • Party packages can be booked online, via email, phone from 2 months up to 14 days inadvance of the party date.
  • We are unable to provide certain party package-specific services for events booked less than 14 days out. (Packages that include Party Host, round pizzas, cupcakes).
  • If you wish to celebrate at Ocean5 less than 14 days you can make an a la carte bowling reservations online or by phone and celebrate on the lane during your game time. You are also welcome to come in and purchase wristbands for arcade game play or Laser Challenge sessions.
Can we bring our own desserts?2019-05-21T17:41:12+00:00
  • We do allow outside celebration cakes and cupcakes. Just let us know and we will provide plates, napkins, and forks as well.
Can we bring an ice cream cake?2019-05-21T17:41:40+00:00
  • You are welcome to bring in an ice cream cake; however, we do recommend an alternative (such as cupcakes) because our parties are very active and fast paced! Ice Cream cakes tend not to hold up well.
Can we bring in our own drinks or snacks?2019-05-21T17:41:59+00:00
  • All Food and Beverage must be purchased through our restaurant, Table 47, with the exception of prepackaged take-away favors and special occasion desserts (see below).
  • Party packages include food, and your Party Concierge can take additional orders from guests on the day of your event.
Do you decorate the room / space for us?2019-05-21T17:43:38+00:00
  • You are welcome to bring decor as long as it fits into our decor policy. Keep in mind that our parties are full of activity and you will not be in one space for very long. Simple decor or centerpieces are best!
  • Decorations are allowed as long as they do not deface the walls or building. No tape (except Shurtape), nails, tacks, glue, adhering putty, or staples can be used on building surfaces.
  • No pinatas, confetti, glitter, rice, or other substance of that nature allowed. No flocking or other spray decor.
  • We welcome balloons, but kindly request you take them with you upon the conclusion of your party since we do not have an environmentally friendly way to dispose of them.
When can I arrive to decorate before the party?2019-05-21T17:44:00+00:00
  • You are welcome to set decorations up to 15 minutes prior to your start time.
What is the party timeline? What can I expect?2019-05-21T17:44:17+00:00
  • Most parties begin in the party space, where you will have 45 minutes for pizza, cake and party host activities. The Party Host will then guide the kids to their activities. This is usually ideal since many parties include time in the game room, and people scatter – so then it’s easier for guests to relax and then leave from there. Based on game time availability, this order might be switched. Your Party team will let you know what to expect.
What is a Party Host?2019-05-21T17:44:40+00:00
  • Your Party Host is there to ensure your child has the most special day and tons of fun! They will guide the entire party from beginning to end so all guests can enjoy. The best part for parents: we will take care of all the details so you can relax and enjoy the special day with your friends and family.
What is a Party Concierge?2019-05-21T17:44:58+00:00
  • Our Party Concierge is there to provide food, beverage, and activity service for any guests at your party that is not included in our party packages. They will be there to assist you and your guests so the Party Host can focus all of their time on the party!
Can I order extra food while I’m here?2019-05-21T17:45:37+00:00
  • Absolutely! Your Party Concierge will be there to attend to all of your food and beverage needs while you are at Ocean5. While round pizza and cupcakes are exclusive to our party packages, you will be able to order off the Table 47 and bar menus.
How can I reserve my party?2019-05-21T17:45:53+00:00
  • There are many convenient ways to book your party package. Check out the “Parties” tab on our website to read all about our packages and to book 24/7. You can also call 253-857-PLAY and speak to our inside sales manager or email
Will my child have time to open gifts?2019-05-21T17:46:10+00:00
  • Children are welcome to open their gifts in their party space, but please remember your group will have a schedule. Some parents choose to save gift opening for when they get home. We will have all of the gifts on a party cart that will stay with you throughout the party.
Where can parents/adults stay during the activities?2019-05-21T17:46:26+00:00
  • We have several open areas throughout Ocean5 that you can enjoy during your party. Your Party Concierge will help you find a spot in one of our comfortable lounges.
Is gratuity included in the party packages?2019-07-01T19:18:48+00:00
  • We add a 10% service charge to our party packages, of which 100% is distributed to our Party Hosts. You are welcome to tip your party host more for excellent service.
Is my Laser Challenge time slot private?2020-02-15T00:11:50+00:00

Since our laser arena holds up to 40 players at a time, your game time might be shared with other groups or individual players. Rest assured – your party package will include reserved spots for the number of guests in your party, so you’ll play together!

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